Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ahhh, true love.

Well another week flys by.

A bit like....asteroid 2012 LZ1...which will fly by earth and hopefully leave no dents. 

I think I’m out of the Euro2012 tipping comp already.
Holland lost to Denmark.

A short week here, what with Queenies party (what a gal) and as ever, never enough time to read everything.

HKEX secures LME. Somehow I think LME is thinking more immediate liquidity event than securing the next 135 years of their future.
What a lot of kerfuffle at Plus!
Magnus bags a million.
Milne packs his bags.
Did Euroclear ever have an option not to sign up to T2S?

...the scoop of the week.
The much anticipated CoFR paper on Aussie C&S is out.
No comment as yet...I haven’t read it!

Also lots of questions about how ASIC recover their costs of market supervision.
It’s basically broken down into 2 elements, market operators (14%) and market participants (86%).

How to travel long haul economy...in style?
- Noise cancelling headphones are the next thing for me to try (before reducing leg length).

...and this week-end

Canada vs Italy
Fiji vs Scotland
New Zealand vs Ireland
Australia vs Wales
South Africa vs England
Argentina vs France

Italy, Scotland (well they did beat the Wallabies), ummm not Ireland, Australia (who else?), Sth Africa...and well, Graham Henry, ex All Blacks will make a difference and put Argentina ahead of France.

Have a great week-end! (Just like the weeks, they go too fast too).



HKEX gains LME for 1.4byn quid.
The Hong Kong stock exchange on Friday agreed to pay 1.4 billion pounds ($2.18 billion) to buy the London Metal Exchange (LME), in a deal that gives Asia's largest bourse a much needed entry into a commodity trading platform, and brings LME members closer to China, the world's biggest metals buyer.

Plus Markets is to sell its technology platform to Forum Trading, a new company whose founder shareholders consist of Hirander Misra, the former co-founder and COO of Chi-X Europe, Tony Harrop, the chief technology officer of Plus Markets Group,, Richard Atkins, formerly head of trading system management & development at the London Stock Exchange and all eight employees of the Plus-TS technology team.

ICAP LIFTS PLUS PURCHASE PRICE TO £500,000 IN AN EFFORT TO WIN OVER SHAREHOLDERS Icap has moved to appease dissident shareholders looking to derail its acquisition of Plus Stock Exchange by raising the purchase price to £500,000 from £1.

SGX CEO bags a new three-year deal
The Singapore Exchange’s (SGX’s) board of directors has renewed the contract of the exchange’s CEO, Magnus Böcker.
SGX revealed that Böcker's new deal gives him a fixed base salary of S$1,000,000 per year.

Chi-X Australia weekly market report


Competition in the clearing and settlement of the Australian cash equity market

The Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer has released a Council of Financial Regulators (Council) discussion paper which examines competition in the clearing and settlement of the Australian cash equity market.

Euroclear’s eurozone trio sign up to T2S
Eurozone CSDs Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France and Euroclear Nederland will sign up to the eurosystem's T2S project.
CSDs such as the Bank of Greece Securities Settlement System (Greece), Clearstream Banking (Germany) and Iberclear (Spain) have also agreed to sign up to T2S.

London Stock Exchange CIO Antoine Shagoury has been made chief operating officer as part of a management reshuffle that also sees director of post-trade services Kevin Milne leave the group.


ASIC Cost recovery
For market operators...
For market participants...

Eurozone exit strategy?
Well, here’s the view from Linklaters....


Surviving long-haul economy
Another way to maximise your personal space is to empty the seat pocket. I pull out the in-flight magazine, duty free catalogue and everything else, and toss them in the overhead bin.
(*** Doh. Why didn’t I think of that?)
Mild sleeping tablets such as Melatonin to help change my sleeping pattern to match the timezone I'll be heading into.
Pack your own noise-cancelling headphones. (Always. Every frequent flyer should).
Get some exercise by walking the aisles and drink plenty of water.
Many aisle seats have entertainment system boxes in the footspace so avoid those (seatguru is useful).
Choose the back of the 'plane because the front fills first so there is a better chance of some free seats. I have had some of my best flight night sleeps across all 4 seats of the back middle row of 747s, which are often "reserved for crew purposes" but can be selected via on-line check-in. Work out how the aisle row armrest can be raised. They are usually locked down but can be released with a button or catch underneath.
I'm tall (191 cm) and have been flying economy Aus-USA return for 20+ years. It has certainly got more unpleasant in recent times, and you need to start out realising it is going to be no fun at all. My main tips are about getting as much sleep as you possibly can, which I found is the only way to reduce jet lag:
(Best comment in my view...)
* I agree with the noise cancelling headphones - essential
* Also bring earplugs to keep out the noise of people when you're sleeping
* And an inflatable neck pillow (uses less space) to stop your head falling forward or sideways
* I use over-the-counter sleeping pills to help sleep
* Keep a bottle of water with you, which you can refill it at water taps

People need to rethink their whole relationship with their computer and stop assuming if they are using a computer they have to sit down.

A 2009 study in the Journal of Applied Physiology looked at what happened when runners reduced their volume of training 25 per cent and introduced six to 12 30-second sprints, three to four times a week for six to nine weeks. Performance in a 30-second sprint test improved 7 per cent and 10-kilometre race time was bettered by a minute.

To succeed in life, you have to cultivate contentment, and keep building on who you are and what you have. Being content doesn’t mean being resigned. It means appreciating the life you have now, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.
*** Hmmm, not quite sure about this one. I very much believe you do need to keep building on life’s journey. However appreciation, and reflecting on the life we have now, rather than what we don’t have (in context) is sage advice.

Too good to be true?
I am Mrs. Jamila Abd-Al-Hamid, a Muslim.I have picked your email address for an inheritance of £18.2million Pounds.Please contact me for more details via email: jamilaabd.al.hamid001@siamza.com Jazakallah Khair

Be happy. It's one way of being wise."
--Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, French novelist and performer

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